Free Kindergarten Readiness Activities

Kindergarten readiness is most important for parents to tackle during the summer. It is an exciting time for both parents, kindergartners and for kindergarten teachers. If you are a parent of a preschooler, if you are a preschool teacher or if you are a kindergarten teacher getting ready to welcome your kids then I have a useful freebie to share with you.

How about 8 weeks of fun and educational activities that get kids ready for kinder? In this free kindergarten readiness download, I have created a quick checklist of skills for parents or babysitters to work on with the kids. Once you know your child mastered the skill well, just mark if off and check every other week.

The kindergarten readiness skills are:

Write first and last name
Know birthday and age
Knows days of the week / months
Identify and match capital and lowercase letters
Practice address
Practice phone number
Identify patterns (AB, ABC)
Count to 20
Identify colors
Counts objects
Identify shapes
Rhymes words
Able to compare objects
Identifies position of objects
Identifies directions
Tells stories
Identifies parts of a book
Identify numbers (1-10)
Has correct pencil grasp
Able to correctly use scissors
Can dress themselves
Can use the bathroom themselves

There is also a blank book list so that you can plan the books you will be reading this summer. If you go to the library and talk to the librarian they will recommend great books perfect for your child.

And finally these great activities that really practice fine motor skills, like using scissors and coloring which help improve pencil grip, social skills, math and work on pre-reading skills. These kindergarten readiness activities will come in useful during the summer!