The educational landscape is changing. We are moving away from what most of us knew as the traditional classroom and moving into a more digitally enhanced learning environment. The role of teachers is changing from the ones with the knowledge and information to the one who plans and facilitates learning opportunities. This takes a different skill than what was expected of teachers before.

My mission is supporting educators to help their students thrive. By integrating meaningful technology, problem-based learning, and implementing differentiating/personalized learning strategies, I help students gain the confidence to succeed in learning and life.

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I am so excited to be part of a larger community of educators that are passionate about teaching and learning. Thanks to the internet, I have been able to connect with like-minded educators and work with people around the globe. In 2003, I graduated from SUNY Brockport with a dual degree in English and a Secondary Education. Upon graduation, I worked at a private learning center under the direction of an Educational Therapist/Psychologist and learned a lot about how the brain rewires itself and is continually changing. It is there that I decided to get training in Balametrics, different methods of cognitive skills training and became proficient in administering Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test and the Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude. I enjoyed testing and preparing a personalized learning plan for the students that I tutored 1:1. The work I do, the resources I create rely heavily on a brain-based approach.

In 2005, I moved to Nablus, Palestine and worked as a Curriculum Advisor at a private International Baccalaureate school. I helped plan the curriculum for the elementary grades and trained teachers in instructional strategies.

In 2007, after the birth of my daughter, I decided to become a stay at home mom. It is then that I discovered Right-Brain training and went full force in learning all about the amazing methods famous in Japan and Singapore. I took training by “Right Brain Kids” based in Malaysia and Glenn Doman. All of my ground work eventually led my daughter to attend a Montessori-based preschool. When it comes to learning and teaching, you can say, I get a bit obsessed. So, obviously, the next logical step would for me to be Montessori certified… and this is what I did.

Fast forward to the current day… I am a fierce supporter of learning and instilling the love of learning in every student I meet! I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers while “after schooling” both of my children. When I couldn’t find exactly what I needed, I started creating resources. TpT and the internet have allowed me to pursue my mission — helping educators to teach, encourage and inspire their students. I do this by providing relevant resources that students today want and need.

The world is moving towards personalized learning and the teacher as a facilitator. In order to truly support the AMAZING teachers I get to work with and who use my resources, I have decided to upgrade my tech skills. I am learning everything I can to help support all teachers and learners with meaningful tech integration in their classrooms and learning environments.

As a Google Certified Educator, I can help you use Google Apps and resources in the most relevant ways.

As of September 2017, I am officially certified by Adobe to offer training on Adobe products.