Fixing Pencil Grip

Fine motor skills are fundamental to master before and in kindergarten. My son always had a funny way of holding a pencil. Each time we worked on writing, he would be holding it another way. We did lots of activities to strengthen his hands but I wanted a fun activity to play with him to actually hold a pencil and write. My son loves bingo but hates to do any fine motor worksheets.  I decided to make a bingo game that included certain developmental strokes needed to start writing.

I would always start by having him write on the task cards to practice various strokes before we played the game. I would do this for two reasons. The first reason is I wanted him to have as much fine motor and writing practice as possible but the real reason I did it was to see his pencil grip. It changed almost daily until we ingrained it in his muscle memory! While he was writing on one of the task cards, I would check his grip. Without physically correcting him, I would just snap off a crayon and have him scribble a paper with it. Have your student scribble thoroughly, that way when they go to pick up the marker to play the bingo game or do any activity you have planned to encourage writing practice, their pencil grip is magically fixed. SERIOUSLY!

Pencil Grip

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