Easy Turkey Craft

Sometimes we just want something super easy to prepare but still looks really nice! I have a craft for you that requires nothing more than a printout and some crayons! That is it but it looks beautiful! You can grab it today in the FREEBIE library or by signing up here.

Supplies Needed for the Turkey Craft

How to Make Turkey Craft

After printing it out, students will color the turkey craft. Then they will cut it out. I like to leave the detailed cuts around the head and hat for last.  Then I flip it over and quickly try to copy the front of the head to the back, this looks better at the end. After cutting it, fold the feather part in half, this helps with the step after creating the accordion shape.

Once you have folded it in half, students will start from the end and fold the feathers alternating back and forth to create an accordion fold. Then they will fold and glue the two sides together. Here I like to hold it for a minute to make sure they are sealed. Then students will cut around the detailed edges and there craft is completely done.

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I like this turkey craft because it is SO easy, works on various fine motor skills and honestly, when the kids finish it, it looks really good!!