Earth Day Activities: Fun Ways To Celebrate The Earth

Earth Day is a worldwide event celebrated on April 22 in over 175 countries, dedicated to raising environmental awareness. This blog post will help give you ideas to teach children to take care of the environment.

One of the best ways to celebrate the earth is talking about the resources that earth gives us every single day. We need the air, water and land to be clean and healthy so that we can be healthy.

The following video is a song that I wrote – I think it is fun and catchy and teaches students simple things they can do today to help the earth. Click here to download the lyrics to share with your class!

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Plant Something

Start to grow a seed in the classroom. It is easy to start a seed in a plastic zip lock bag. Just get seeds, put a wet napkin in the bag and a few holes to the top of the bag for air, then add your seeds and hang on a clothing line in front of the window. Once the seed sprouts you can transfer them to potted soil. The kids love watching the seed sprout! You can talk about the plant life cycle and also learn the responsibility of taking care of a living thing.

Start a worm bin

I have never started a worm bin but I know teachers that have and the kids really enjoy learning about it. Composting is another simple activity that helps our earth. In my digital Earth Day activities students read about composting, reducing and recycling. Click here to learn more about earth day digital activities for your classroom.

Recycle and Reduce

The basics of earth day is teaching students the basics of what it means to reduce and recycle. 

Connect with nature

Take a walk around outside your school and pick up litter. Service learning is my favorite way to teach students the importance and practical earth day activities.

Earth Day Classroom Learning Activities

Earth Day is a fun day to learn all about taking care of the earth. I also created activities that incorporate subject areas too. In my packet, students will have a coloring page, puzzle, Earth Day word wall activities, Math Recycling Number Bonds & Roll and Color, Recycling Sort then graph data, writing “I am an Earth Hero” & “I promise” Writing Prompts, Ways to Protect Earth Spinner Craftivity, Earth Day Mini Book and more.


•Word Wall: composting, litter, pollution, paper, natural gas, earth, atmosphere, glass bottle, plastic bag, aluminum can, solar energy, wind turbines, land, water, air

•Small Groups Game “Earth Day” just print cards on blue/green paper. To play, student rolls one die, chooses card if lands on blue/green recycling box. If green recycle box just answers a question, the blue recycle box is a luck card, person drawing will either move back or forward the number of spaces indicated on the card. (Pictured Above)

Earth Day Activities for School

Earth Day Digital Activities

If you are hybrid or full remote, I have a full digital Earth Day activities for your class too. Students will watch the story  “It’s Earth Day” by Mercer Mayer. Then students will read and type the words earth, reduce, reuse, recycle. Student will read, drag and drop “How can we reduce?” Student will write a list of items that can be reused. Student will drag and drop items that can be recycled. Student will drag and drop items that can be composted. Student will unscramble words energy, protect, recycle, waste and water. Students will sort statements that are helpful or harmful to the planet. Students will solve two math problems: How many more cans does Sam need? and How much money did Sam get for recycling?

The following are the readings:

“What does it mean to reduce?” Reading Lexile level 400

“What does it mean to reuse?” Reading Lexile level 400

“What is recycling?” Reading Lexile level 400

“What is composting?” Reading Lexile level 400

This digital activity goes great with the printable activity. I know you and your students are going to enjoy the activities.

earth day digital activities

Before you go – Grab this free Earth Day Crown for your kiddos!

What are your favorite earth day activities to do in your classroom?

Earth Day Songs