Welcome to our book study! We’re here to enhance your professional development by exploring how the internet affects our thinking. Our focus is on improving critical and creative thinking skills, which you can apply in your classroom to benefit your students academically and emotionally.

In this digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with stimuli from various digital platforms, which has led to a shift in our cognitive processes. Carr argues that our reliance on the Internet and its efficiency-focused, multitasking demands are compromising our ability to engage in deep, reflective thinking.

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In this book, we’ll delve into how the internet influences our thoughts and attention. You’ll gain valuable insights and research-based perspectives, along with practical approaches to engage and challenge your students’ thinking as well as our own.

Here are two activities that you can do before beginning reading the book to really get the most out of this book study:

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After one week, share your personal findings here:

Also begin reading the prologue to chapter 3 to discuss it next week.