Virtual All About Me Activity

We find ourselves in a different school environment then we left and I am not sure how things will ever be back to normal after COVID-19 ends. In one way form or another we will find virtual, remote, distance learning something part of the everyday school day. I don’t think that school can ever be 100% virtual but I think we will see more and more of a flipped learning environment. I want to share with you some ideas that you can use for back to school this year.


I have a complete FREE course on how to flip your back to school night. I think this will be the way forward from now on. Parents who can’t make in person back to school nights due to work always feel a disconnect from school. When we flip our back to school night, we will make connections with all parents. In my model, a virtual page is created with all necessary information and then activities are planned for the in-person event for those who can attend. Go ahead and check it out. I am sure you will find the content useful.


In this FREE 24 page packet, I have different activities that you can complete with your class but my latest addition to the pack is the google slides version of the glyph. Click here for access – I have added it to my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY.


Ice breakers and other team building activities will be more important than ever. With students home and with little contact with friends, it is important to make sure your students feel apart of the classroom. Some ideas for you to use in your classroom:

This or That: You can create a slide divided into 2, one side this and the other side that. Then add your choices, students will choose by adding their name to a shape and putting it on the side they choose.

Draw This: Have each student get a sheet of paper. One person will describe a picture (such as a snowman) and the students will each draw using the directions provided by the person with access to the picture. At the end everyone can show their drawing.  They can also take a picture of it and you can add them all to the slides. This is a great communication activity too.

ABC Hunt: Choose a random letter, have the students show something from their immediate environment that starts with that letter. You can also play a variation of this such as something red, etc.

Alphabet Chain: Start with the letter A and go around naming a category item by that letter. Category examples could be animals, vegetables, furniture, etc.

I am going to add to this list when I find new ideas or think any up – make sure to check back often!