12 Days of Great Christmas Read Alouds for Children

The holidays are almost here! While you bring out the Christmas tree and prepare your shopping list for Christmas presents, it is important to help your students understand what makes the season truly special. Here are some great reads for the season. 

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Day 12: The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree – An Appalachian Story by Gloria Houston

Help your students learn about being hopeful during the holidays by reading this classic by Gloria Houston. You would learn how a young girl hopes that her father, who is away due to war, would come back and help her celebrate Christmas together as a family. Using simple words and beautiful illustrations this book will help your students learn about what it means to be hopeful.

Day 11: Pick A Pine Tree written by Patricia Toht, illustrated by Jarvis 

One of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This story is great for talking about sequencing. How about creating an anchor chart for steps to decorate a Christmas tree. They can learn what work is needed to set one up: from digging through decorations to putting the finishing touches on the tree. This book is filled with rhyming lines and fun to read!

Day 10: Ho Ho Homework written by Mylisa Larsen and illustrated by Taia Morley

For a good laugh, introduce this book by Mylisa Larsen and Taia Morley to your students. It involves Jack, a student like them, meeting the substitute teacher. Just like Jack, you can have your students make their own “snowflake wish” in their own homes. After a long period of COVID, Cheer your students up, and reinforce their sense of hope while enjoying this holiday piece.

Day 9: Stick Man written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Stick Man is another you are going to want to put on your list. Through Donaldson’s words and illustrations by Scheffler, let your students follow his journey of getting snatched by a dog and trying to return home to his family. Not only is it thrilling, but you can also help your students identify the season’s symbols by showing and reading this book to them.

Day 8: The Christmas Unicorn by Anna Currey

For a heartwarming story, read this book by Anna Currey. It tells the story of Milly, who is missing her friends and Dad while visiting her Grandpa’s house for the holidays with her mother. While exploring, she finds a unicorn named Florian and he seems to bring the holiday cheer into her Grandpa’s house. While reading this story, your students will feel better about celebrating the holidays whether they are surrounded by support or not.

Day 7: Finding Christmas written by Lezlie Evans and illustrated by Yee Von Chan

Speaking of getting into the spirit, this book shows how your students should show generosity to others in need. Follow the story of Squirrel, Mouse, and Hare who are preparing for the holidays. They encountered a sick bird in the snow and learned whether they are able to help them back to health. This is really a sweet story.

Day 6: The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel written by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Tony Neal

Speaking of helping others, read this book written by Tracey Corderoy. Follow her story of Bear encountering Frog in his front door on a quiet Christmas night. What makes this story interesting is that Frog intends to stay at the Extravaganza Hotel, which he thought was Bear’s place. Let your students show the importance of giving back to strangers and having a good time with them through this wonderful book.

Day 5: Christmas in the Country by Cynthia Rylant

This book by Cynthia Rylant is sure to bring home the Christmas spirit. It tells of a young girl raised by her grandparents and what she did during the holidays. Let them appreciate being surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds, from the snow-covered house to the festive town.

Day 4: The Story of Holly and Ivy by Rumer Godden

This work by Rumer Godden may be a tear-jerker to some. It tells the tale of Ivy, an orphan, who goes off on a journey from the Infants’ Home on Christmas Eve. She spots a pretty doll named Holly along the way but she does not have money on her and leaves. Meanwhile, Mrs. Jones is seen preparing for the holiday but longs for a young girl. Learn whether the three characters get their wishes.

Day 3: A Christmas Sweater for Nina by Cecilia Heikkilä 

A lonely, homeless cat named Nina is the center of this story. Follow Cecilia Heikkilä’s piece as she tries to put back her precious red sweater back together as it unravels. While being pelted by windy winter weather, find out whether she is able to get it back together again. As one of the best Christmas read-alouds, your students will enjoy this lovely adventure story. 

Day 2: Tough Cookie – A Christmas Story by Edward Hemingway

As one of the many Christmas read-aloud stories, it enters a surprising tale of a Fox and a Gingerbread Man. It seems that the Fox was supposed to eat Gingerbread Man but he doesn’t find him as sweet as baked goods should be. They explore Christmastown to find where the Gingerbread Man can fit in.

Day 1: Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck

On the final day on this list of Christmas read alouds, get this classic by Pearl S. Buck and Mark Buehner. Follow the heartwarming tale of Rob who wants to get his father a good gift for Christmas. Here, you can show your students how they can thank their family and friends for being good to them this year. That way, they can fully understand the true meaning of this season.

So many great books for the holiday season. This blog post highlighted 12 books that you can use as good Christmas read-aloud stories to your students. If you are looking for a winter-themed writing activity and craft check out my writing pack. I also have a winter packet for first graders and a fun winter thematic unit for kindergarteners

What is your favorite Christmas read aloud? Let me know by commenting below!