A Fun Way to Teach CVC Words to Your Students

Once students master their consonant and vowel sounds they will start to blend these sounds into CVC words.

What are CVC words?

This is a type of word that makes up a consonant sound, vowel, and a consonant. It is spelled in a way where a vowel precedes a consonant, which makes all the sounds easy to pronounce. Some consonant vowel consonant words include big, dog, and bag.

When should I teach CVC words to students?

The perfect time to teach CVC words is after they master how to pronounce each letter of the alphabet. Reading these words involves segmenting and blending words, which requires students to understand how to sound out letters first. This is the conventional way to teach reading. First letter sounds then finally blending the sounds to form words. 

5 activities to teach CVC words

Here are some of the many activities that I recommend to teach these words to your students.

I will be writing about how I teach CVC words using my own personal method which I have used to teach countless number of students. It is heavily based on the Montessori method. If you are interested you can purchase my method here.

Digital Puzzles

This is especially great if you are currently teaching your students in a virtual classroom. There are many types you can choose from. For example, you can have virtual flashcards that display an object, say a “pig”, then let them drag letters from the alphabet to spell the word and let them read it out loud too. If you are looking for a read it, type it, build it google slides, you can grab a free version here.


Physical Puzzles

You can use flashcards with a picture of a word and an elkonin box. Using magnetic letters they can sound out the word into the elkonin box.

CVC Words

Spelling with Playdough

A more interactive way to help them learn the CVC words is to let them use clay or Playdough to spell out each word. Using the flashcard of the word students can form the letters using playdough. They can also use playdough stamping tools to stamp each letter in the playdough.

CVC Songs

I always incorporate music and movement – here are some to get you started. YouTube always has a great selection of music you can use in your classroom.




Sidewalk Chalk and CVC

How about taking learning outside, weather permitting! You can show them flashcards or you can have them draw the word and write the word that you call out. 

Another idea is to draw five circles, each with a short vowel sound. Then you call out a word and students can run to the circle with that short vowel.

Mastering CVC words is an important stage in learning to read because it gives children so much confidence. Keep working on letter sounds and blending CVC words and most importantly always play phonemic awareness games and your students will be great readers in no time! The five activities in this post are just some of the many things you can do to introduce CVC words to your students. Have fun and happy teaching!

To help you out, you can check out this TPT resource on CVC word families to build their CVC skills. My reading method for teaching CVC words can be purchased on TpT.

What are some ways that you teach CVC words to your students? Comment your tips down below!