It is always rhyming time!

Sometimes rhyming can be a hard concept to grasp but once it clicks kids love rhyming time! Here are some ideas that you can use when working on rhyming.

Always set the purpose. The purpose we rhyme is to recognize and produce word patterns. Write the words cat, mat, hat on the whiteboard. Ask children to identify the pattern. Have a student underline the -at. You can continue to write 3 words with the same rhyming pattern and underline the pattern.

Here is a great video to watch after:

Then discuss words that don’t rhyme. Write three words again such as cat, hat, fog. Have a student circle the rhyming words and underline the pattern. Do this a few times so students can see the pattern with another word that doesn’t rhyme. I would suggest using CVC words for these activities especially if your students are not reading yet.

You can play this game after:

It is always rhyming time and students will enjoy and play with words the more you model rhyming. Use tongue twisters and make up rhymes using your students names. Quick and silly rhymes that you can make up while you are explaining what you are doing. The more students see you play with words they will play with words too!

Here is a great phonological awareness activity including rhyme by our fellow teachers across the pond:

rhyming time

Does it Rhyme Google Activity

Students will listen to the audio included in each slide and choose whether the words rhyme. Optional recording sheet included. Click to buy.

rhyming time

Freebie Write the Room Activity

Here is a freebie write the room activity. Click here to download from TpT.


Draw a picture on the whiteboard such as a garden, beach, carnival scene or even a face and name each item so that children can understand what you have drawn and naming the part also helps with vocabulary acquisition with your English language learners. Then step back and choose a student to come up and tell them that the item you would like for them to erase rhymes with the word. For example, if you have a face with a nose you would tell your student I want you to erase the picture that rhymes with rose. This is such a fun activity and kids enjoy it very much.