Planning Virtual Field Trips for Kindergarten

So covid might have curtailed in person field trips but it got everyone thinking outside of the box. If you can’t take your kids on a field trip, then bring it to your kids! Virtual field trips for kindergarten students is the answer! Some virtual field trips may be completely free and others might cost a little bit. Whether you buy a virtual field trip or take any of the free ones on the net – it is going to be so much fun!!

Virtual field trips for kindergarten are a great way to help your students learn about the places and things that exist beyond the classroom! In this article, we’ll go through some of the best virtual field trips that teachers and educators have come up with. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

virtual field trip kindergarten


Yes friends, the time has come where WE can actually explore space. Have you ever thought of the planet mars? Now, you can actually go walk on it.

Check it out here on the Nasa website. You can prepare your virtual field trip kindergarten by having students draw a picture of what they imagine mars to look like. You can then have them sit in two lines at the carpet and pretend to take off to mars in a rocket ship using this simulator video! After exploring mars, watch the video posted below and read a book “I am mars” (affiliate link)

Here is a great video to add to your virtual field trip to mars:

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Cities Around the World

The internet is like having a portal that takes you anywhere you want to go in an instant. Let the students spin a globe, randomly let their finger land on a city and go explore. You can watch 360 live cams of cities around the world at 360cities. If you want to bring in more academic work with this, you can have them work on a country research project!

Virtual Field Trips Kindergarten

Virtual Field trip to Yellowstone

Now you can discover everything Yellowstone national park without ever stepping foot in it! I have curated a wonderful set of activities to guide your students through this park. You can purchase it on TpT – that is a lot cheaper than driving or flying there!

Yellowstone national park

How about mountain climbing?

You certainly can create a mountain climbing virtual field trip for kindergarten. Have your students brainstorm all the items they will need to climb a mountain. Then take the time to explore Mount Everest! Just click here.

Virtual field trips for kindergarten san diego

San Diego National Zoo

This is another curated virtual field trip for kindergarteners that I know they are going to love. Students will take a trip to the zoo and visit different animals. The google slide guides the students through the trip having them gather information about the animals. Click here to buy it!