When children start kindergarten, it is incredible to see the amount of growth they go through from the day they start till the last. Each and every single child brings with them their own unique set of skills and background information. Some children are already reading and writing and some are just starting but by the end of the year many are on their way!

Simple but Needed Process of Kinder Writing

Just like the beginning of civilization reading and writing begin with the story. When children are read to they eventually connect that the words on the page is what is being read. We can show children how we read pictures and the clues scattered around in them. We teach them that stories have beginnings, middle and endings. When children start writing, they first start by drawing a picture and dictating the story to the teacher who then writes the story down. This is another way that children start to understand that words can be read. When we write down a child-dictated story, we can help children to understand the structure. We can also explain capitals, spaces and end marks and other relevant conventions.

Using the guided discovery method, introduce your students to writing tools. It is important to model how they are used properly, where they are stored, what to do when it no longer works, etc. Also walk through your writing center procedures. Remember that it is important to teach handwriting pencil grip and correct it as early as possible.

Once the alphabet and sounds have been introduced it is important to encourage invented spelling. This is not the stage to correct spelling but to understand the way the child is hearing the sounds. I believe in the Montessori method of teaching letter sounds – here is the video that I use to teach letter sounds:

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Formation of letters is taught in context of writing stories. Sometimes children will need a more formal approach to handwriting instruction that is when I follow the guidelines in my handwriting resource.

Once the child is passed the phonetic stage of spelling and is proficient in sounds is the time to introduce spelling.

Writing in kindergarten truly is magical and children come up with the most amazing stories. Encourage young children to tell stories and they will develop communication skills, confidence and so much more.