Monitoring the Noise Level In Your Classroom

Come home with a headache every night and others are complaining how LOUD your class is? Here are some solutions to try out.


Kids need to be taught voice volume and that there are certain places and classroom tasks where we need to use a certain volume.

Use a poster like this one and model what each sound like:

Level 0 is Silence is obviously no sound.

Level 1, is a Whisper.

Level 2, is a normal inside voice.

Level 3, is what you use when you’re outside.

-Model the different voice levels. A trick to teach kids how to whisper, is by having them touch their throat, if there vocal cords are vibrating it is not a whisper.

-Discuss places and the appropriate voice levels. What level could you use in the library, outside, lunch room, during classwork, partner work, etc.

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1) 123 eyes on me, 12 eyes on you. and other attention getters

2) Ring a bell: Great for getting attention with level 2 and 3 activities

3) Apps: Great for overall monitoring

4) Quiet Critters: Great for monitoring level 0 and 1 activities. Give a critter to the students working quietly and monitoring the behavior you want to see.

5) Silent Spray:  Water with a drop of lavender essential oil. Spray around the room before starting a level 0 activity.

3) Bell work upon entry and transition routines: Make sure your students have something to do the minute they enter the classroom before the start of the days first activity. This will ensure that everyone knows what to do when they come in and during transitions.

4) Consistency

The most important part is being consistent with your students. Always make sure when introducing an activity to point out what noise level is expected, quickly model it, and then monitor it. Make corrections quickly and privately as much as possible. You can say things like “I see two people that still need their eyes on me,”

I hope this post helps you brainstorm ideas you will want to implement in your classroom. Praising and noticing good behavior is by far the best way.

Click below to get your free Noise Level poster for your classroom.