Great Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

One of my favorite ways to show teacher appreciation is by getting my favorite teachers a meaningful gift. I may be an educator myself, but even I have difficulties trying to think of something to give to my fellow teachers. Here’s a list of slogans and gifts you can give to your teachers that will surely put a smile on their faces and cheer them up. This post contains affiliate links.

1. Coffee Sets

There are lots of coffee sets that you can give! From a set of coffee beans to a snack box that can be paired with a coffee gift card. Don’t forget to attach it with “Thanks, a latte for all that you do!” tag.

2. Read at Ease

Your teachers would have to read through various articles, modules, and assignments to keep their classrooms organized. If you want to give them a break while inspiring them, you can give them a Kindle filled with several fiction and nonfiction novels. A kindle unlimited subscription is nice too!

3. Personalized Mugs

You can give a mug with an inspiring or funny quote on it. There are lots of options available or you can make it yourself. As a start, you can add “Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge.” Here is a nice one that says “teaching is my jam!”

4. Knitted Gloves

Give your teacher something to help them keep themselves warm. You can get a pair of gloves or make your own. Make sure to put it in a nice gift box and add a tag with “Thanks for giving me a hand” on it to show how thankful you are.

5. Help Them Keep a Garden

For someone who loves keeping their garden great by themselves, you can get them a gardening set for them. Aside from tools, you can also send in pots to put their plants in or protective equipment to avoid injuries while they’re out in the sun. No matter what garden-related gift you get them, you can add the slogan “You helped me bloom like a flower” on the gift tag. You can also make a gift box of various seeds. You can pair the gardening set above with a set of seed packets. After writing “Plant the seeds for tomorrow” on the tag.

6. Trying New Paints

If your teacher allows their students to try art, why not give them the opportunity back? There are lots of art sets available–from watercolor, acrylic, and oil pastels. Pick one randomly and sign it off with “Teachers–coloring our world with education” before handing this heartwarming gift to them.

7. Gift Cards

Even your teacher wants to buy something to themselves to reward themselves, and you can help them do that by giving them a gift card to a favorite store! Whether it would be Amazon or Walmart, sending it with “You deserve an extra payday” will give them a smile on a face.

8. Help Them Save Time

Another item you can give your teacher as thanks is by preparing them for the year to come. There are lots of planners available, so you can choose the best cover that fits your teacher’s personality. Don’t forget to write “You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all” on the inside to help them remember this as a gift of thanks.

9. Teachers and Keys

You can help them stay organized by giving them a personalized key chain. You can choose a color and style that fits the educator you want to give this to. Make sure to have a great slogan stamped, such as “You have been the key to my success and I thank you for that.”

10. Let Them Stay Hydrated

Everyone needs to drink water everyday! However, if they want to be able to drink hot or cold drinks from their own cooler, you can get them the right insulated water bottle as a gift. Don’t forget to add the phrase “For a teacher who is cool to the core” to it.

11. Keep Their Mind Sharp

As your educator gave you lots of challenges to keep you on your feet, you can give them something to exercise their brains. You can look for a good puzzle for adults as a gift of thanks for their work so far. Don’t forget to add your personal touch by writing “Squeeze your brain juice!” on the gift tag.

12. Organize Their Pocket

With a gift tag of “Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket,” give your educator a good wallet to store their valuables in. There are different types of designs for any gender and some even come with RFID blocking too. No matter the size, useful gifts are always great with a personalized “Thank You” message.

13. Something from an Amazon Wishlist

Do you know your favorite teachers wishlist? If you don’t ask and maybe they will give you the link. If you want a wishlist of items any teacher would be happy to add to their classroom collection – check out this blog post about teacher amazon wishlists!

14. You Don’t Need to Spend Money!

Showing our appreciation to teachers doesn’t just start or end with gifts. To the lives of children, teachers are as important as parents in their lives. You don’t even need to spend money. You can write a letter of appreciation and maybe even make a small craft for the teacher in your life or your child’s life.

Showing appreciation and just saying thanks to your teachers is guaranteed to ease some of the stress they face everyday.

Any gifts you want to recommend for teacher appreciation week? Comment them down below.