Free Geography for Kids Activities

Geography is an interesting subject and little kids are always fascinated by the size and breadth of our planet. A book I enjoy reading is Where do I live by Neil Cheshnow

Make a paper globe

Identifying Parts of the Earth

It is great to just look at the globe and help children to identify that the world is made up of land and water. Using the sheet in the freebie they can then color the land and water. These are specifically geography for kids activities!

geography for kids

Zooming In

After the students have had enough time exploring the globe and discussing its make up. Then it is a good time to talk about the continents and help them to identify the continent they live on. A great way to explain to them their place in the world is to tell them that we are going to zoom in on where they live slowly. So first they live on earth, than you will look at the continent, then their country, state, city, neighborhood, home, and finally their own bedroom.

Geography Skills for Kids (Maps)

Since this mini unit is for first grade, the focus is on understanding directions and identifying the address using maps. You can download a map of Tina’s neighborhood and practice directions, intersections, etc.

Mini Book

Finally, the students will complete a mini book. Just download to grab your FREE geography for kids unit!