Free Name Tracing Worksheets

Are you looking for free name tracing worksheets? Learning how to read and trace your name are the first steps to literacy in preschool and kindergarten. People’s names are important. That is why we make sure to pronounce our student’s names correctly and why we spend the beginning of the year working on reading and writing names. When students learn the letters in their name, especially the beginning letter, it is a good way to segue into phonics.

This worksheet name generator will give your student 8 activities to use to learn how to read and write their name.

Free Name Generator Worksheets

There are eight different type of name tracing worksheets, print them all or print whatever you would like to use.

    1. Name Worksheet #1
      On this worksheet, students will read their name, tract it, write their name in rainbow letters and also write their name in letter boxes. Letter boxes will help them learn and remember letter formation.
    2. Name Worksheet #2
      Students will work on the first letter of their name and also work on tracing their name four times.
    3. Name Worksheet #3-6
      Students will trace their name each day of the week. This is a good printable to add to the beginning of their morning meeting binder or on a table where students need to sign in each morning as attendance. Their are 3 variations with different levels of guidance.
    4. Name Worksheet #7
      This worksheet can be used as a coloring page, you can have students use different art materials such as markers, paint, daubers, Q-tips to paint their name. You can also have them add small stickers to trace their name.
    5. Name Worksheet #8
      Students will color their name. They will search the box for the letters of their name and color the ones that appear in their name. They will then trace it.

This free name tracing worksheet generator can be used over and over to create fresh, new worksheets for your child or students. This is a great addition to your name unit. Use in the beginning of the year or as needed to teach students how to read and write their name.