The Power of Purpose in Teaching

Teaching is hard. It is. No one goes into teaching for the money. Walk into any college campus and ask any student that plans on being a teacher and you will find they are compassionate people who want to change the lives of the kids they teach. They are excited to enter the field and then they do.

And. Something. Happens.

The first year is a struggle. A lot of people question their career choice. If they don’t have the correct mentoring and support, they might even leave the profession.

Did you know that 44% of new teachers leave the profession within 5 years! (SOURCE:

So what can we do? How can we keep the passion and help teachers remember their purpose?

That is the new challenge that I have decided to undertake. I feel like it is more important to help teachers remember their WHY. I am using DESIGN THINKING and CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING to help come up with solutions to this problem.

A lot of my friends are burnt out this year – COVID has thrown a curve ball to a lot of teachers teaching both remote and in person and sometimes doing both simultaneously.

I believe in the power of purpose and I want to help teachers reconnect with it.

I ask that you please help me in my first step by completing this quick and anonymous 5 statement survey – you don’t even need to write anything out just choose your answer based on the scale.


Thank you so much.