Are you learning how to teach online as quickly as possible? I hear you!! I hope that my resources are helping you to navigate new territory – especially when it comes to teachers that are teaching grades kindergarten to third. I know that usually these grades are using ipads, if any technology at all. So not only do teachers need to get up to speed FAST – we need to make sure our students are also up to speed. This week, I have been working on helping you navigate ZOOM. A lot of teachers are using Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet to hold their face to face classes. This particular training is to help those teachers that are using zoom.

First it is important that your students sign up and download zoom.

If you are looking for instructions on how to set up zoom there are many helpful videos – just search youtube.


Next you can either create your own video using mine as a template or you can actually share my video with your students. In my video, I create a training on how to navigate zoom as a student. So go ahead and watch that, make notes to create your own – or you are 100% welcome to send my video to your kiddos.

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Before having your first zoom meeting, get on zoom and use the following google presentation. Have the google presentation open on one of your tabs – this will make finding it to SHARE easier when you start to SHARE your screen.


Use this link when sharing your screen with your students – no need to download or add to your folder – just bookmark this slide.

Avoid ZOOM BOMBING by using a password for your class and disabling screen-sharing by participants.

Digital Training Lesson Plan

Welcome Your Students!

If students haven’t seen the video, watch it together.

Go over the agenda.

Read through the rules and online class norms poster with your students.

Go over the navigation bar once more. Have them practice opening the participants box, have them choose YES, NO, RAISE HAND (If you have that option), etc.

Slide 6 – is for students to practice the text tool in annotations. Instruct them to open their annotation tool by moving their mouse to the top of the screen. It should pop down. Have them select the text tool. Choose 10 students at a time and have them type their names. I would call each student who should write and say “John, type your name in the 1 space.” and do this for the next 9 students. Then clear all and practice this with the rest of the students.

Slide 7- Choose 2 students to draw a rectangle using the draw tool. Repeat if you feel like it is necessary.

Slide 8-Have all students at the same time choose the stamp indicated and go and stamp the section on the slide.

Slide 9- Before your zoom class is held, prepare 12 short questions/problems for your students. Choose 12 students, they can either raise their hand or you can use a different method of choosing a student. Go through the questions and when the student answers correctly click the slide. This will reveal part of the picture. The picture is their prize that they earned for being great online learners!

If you have any questions please leave your comments below and don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list! Enjoy!!