Are you a teacher looking for an exciting and educational
project to engage your students in global exploration?

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This project might be what you need!

Empower Your Students with Global Awareness!

    • Enhance Global Literacy
    • Foster Cultural Understanding
    • Comprehensive Learning Materials
    • Integration of Technology and Research
    • Engaging Worksheets and Organizers
    • Streamlined Online Research
    • Empathy-building Experience

Teaching Organizers

  • Introductory Letter to Students
  • Comprehensive Rubric for Assessment
  • Country KWL Chart

Research & Exploration

  • Engaging Worksheets and Organizers
  • Source Organizer / Bibliography Page
  • Google Docs Media Slides

Creative Activities

  • Passport Template
  • Class International Cookbook Template

Use Google Slides or the Guided Research Printables!

Elevate global learning with our essential tools and creative resources, fostering a deeper understanding of the world. Empower students with the ‘Country Research Projects,’ and watch as they gain invaluable knowledge, research skills, and a more profound connection to our global society.

We do end of the year research projects but haven’t really ever had a good structure for them. This helped so much so kids knew what to research and could build up a general knowledge base about their country.

Melissa G., April 27, 2023

Such an engaging resource that was seamlessly integrated into our curriculum! Very little hassle, but with great outcomes! Thank you!

Ashley L., March 27, 2022

I used this during the World Cup for my students to become more engaged! We worked on our country project while we played the world cup in the background. Students got to choose a country that was currently still in the running, and we made a bracket to see whose country would win!

Jacqueline Bates, January 9, 2023

This resource was amazing. I needed something to connect to our curriculum for writing about countries and this was it. It matched up perfectly, but honestly presented better writing than what would have come from just our curriculum.

Lisa I., August 24, 2021

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