100th Day of School Activities

By January and February, many schools around the United States are getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school. This party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but it is a fun milestone to celebrate that you can attach a lot of learning standards to. If you are lost as to which activities to choose, check out this list of five activities that you can easily implement for a last minute party or if you are an early planner!

Draw Yourself at 100 Years Old

When starting this activity, give each student a blank piece of paper and ask them to draw how they would look like when they reach 100 years old. You can give them an example by drawing how you would look like. You might want to spin this into a longevity type assignment, where you can discuss ways of healthy aging and how we need to take care of ourselves so that we can live a long and healthy life. I personally think it is healthy for students to imagine how their life will look at 100 years old. I don’t think that it is negative but as always there are things we need to be careful of.

I have seen some classrooms, encourage students to dress up like an older 100 year old person, but there is a lot of controversy around this activity. Please take a look at this article for more information on how this can be damaging.

Make 100th Day of School Bookmarks

Another great art activity that you can let your students make is to have them make bookmarks of their own. Just give them pieces of paper, card, glue, sequins, crayons, and yarn to work with. If any of them wants to cut it into a different shape, assist them while using the scissors to avoid accidents. They can count out 100 sequins or 100 cm of yarn that they can add to their bookmark. You can also give them the bookmark in my celebrations packet.

Use 100 Letters in a Sentence

This is a great challenge to test their creativity and vocabulary. You would have to ask each of your students to brainstorm a sentence that uses exactly 100 letters. Challenge accepted!!

Finish a 100-Piece Puzzle

Get the entire class working together with this challenge. Get a puzzle that is 100 pieces and ask everyone to join in to complete it. Make sure to choose a great picture for the completed puzzle to inspire your students to keep up with their school and every day lives. A good way to distribute the puzzle is to give your students the number of pieces evenly throughout the group and have them problem solve together. Perhaps, they will try to find the outside pieces first, perhaps they will sort by color. It will be a great community building activity for your class.

Future in 100 Years

This will help your students think ahead and use their imagination. On a blank piece of ruled paper, ask your students to write about how they want the world to look like 100 years from now. You can help them by giving your own example on how you would want it to look like. Aside from that, ask your students to explain why they want that as the world’s future too. That way, it will exercise their critical thinking skills. This blog post was written during the pandemic of 2021 so my example is at the left!!

If you are interested for more 100th day activities to do with your students, you can check out this resource posted on TpT. It not only contains many activities as well as fun games to play during your 100 days of school celebration.